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Ethical Team provides public relations consultancy, media outreach and creative communications to purpose-driven clients. We specifically work with gamechanger companies and organisations to communicate their authentic brand stories whilst championing social equity and environmental balance.

Modern societies and the businesses that thrive within them are living beyond their means: systemically, materially and financially. In addition, boardrooms and senior industry executives across the globe are being held to account for their sustainability, ethics and social contribution. Alongside the rise in corporate whistleblowers, we’re entering an era of transparency as shareholders demand a new model of enlightened and adaptive governance to embrace, and reconcile, both commercial and sustainability realities into one, seamless funnel of action.


But few businesses can afford the luxury of a comprehensive sustainability communications in-house team with the depth and breadth of ethical and environmental expertise required to face these new daily challenges as part of their internal resource.


To that end, Ethical Team offers a fluid, agile and dynamic ‘outside-in’ communications solution –  We call this The Communications Pill  available in three forms: SMART, ACTION and LIVE. On the one hand, we’ve never had it better – first world problems of the management of ‘plenty’ point to a highly evolved consuming society… Read more



  • Ethical Team Secures UK Media...

    Ethical Team had one of its busiest periods supporting the global Rainforest Alliance pitching its announcements to UK media outlets from August through to November 2019


    Supermarkets contribute a minimum of 59 billion pieces of single-use plastic to our plastic pollution problem each year. Greenpeace investigated which supermarkets are


    Ethical Team is delighted to join the PRCA as of December 2019. As an issues-based and cause-related PR & communications consultancy, we specialise in delivering


Inspiring Sustainable Business

Case Studies

Our case studies give you the chance to take a closer look at some of our work. See the challenge that were laid down to us by our clients, understand our way of thinking and then make your own mind up on the solution we offered.


A snapshot of the services and solutions offered by Ethical Team, click through for more details on Smart, Action and Live.

  • Expert Communications Consultancy
    From strategic counsel to media relations and PR that delivers results. We offer a range of marketing skills that can address most challenges.

  • Creative Campaigns – We can bring your cause related marketing alive by producing hard hitting integrated campaigns. We’ll ensure our work mobilizes opinion and creates ‘conversations for action’.

  • Sustainable Events – to bring together and celebrate joined up ethical and sustainable thinking and doing – forums, workshops, book launches, press launches and awards.

The Expert Team

We’re an independent team of communications professionals capable of creating powerfully persuasive campaigns that can inspire change. Together we offer a unique blend of sustainability and ethical knowledge, marketing experience and entrepreneurial enthusiasm. We work with organisations of any size and at different stages through leadership, education, transformation, inspiration and disruption. Sometimes it’s about deep analysis and insights, sometimes about winning hearts and minds.

Iain Patton

Oliver Wagg

Alex Carr


Eskil Hardt
Film Producer Associate Denmark + EMEA


Would you like to become one of our independent Associates? Our consultancy runs on the most valuable ‘Green’ resource of all. People. A team located around the world capable of creating powerfully persuasive campaigns that can inspire change. Together we offer a unique blend of sustainability and ethical knowledge, marketing experience and entrepreneurial enthusiasm.

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