Ethical Team News LogoHello World – Countdown to new beginnings

As the UN Confirms 2014 Was ‘Hottest Year on Record’ Ethical Team launches as a new consultancy to deliver 21st century business solutions helping companies and organisations incorporate ethics into their organisational DNA, become compliant, adopt sustainability values and navigate the increasingly complex ethical landscape through digital content, tools, consultancy and access to a broad range of international experts.

Ethical Team is the brainchild of serial green entrepreneur, PR and brand guru, Iain Patton who co-founded the boutique sustainable innovations agency called Satellite the Green Agency in 2004, Green Consultancy in 2009 and the inaugural International Green Awards™ which launched in 2006-2102. The founding purpose of ALL organisations has been to achieve positive, social and environmental step changes in business and industry internationally. Iain’s overwhelming mission has been to promote a green agenda through embedding sustainability at the heart of business through knowledge sharing, collaboration and establishing best practice.

Ethical Team is about bridging the gap between thoughts and actions. Harnessing the power of spirituality, and humanity, through activism so that we can get a balance with our eco-system that enables life for all. Religion has deemed this as protecting ‘Creation’ but recent generations have termed it ‘Sustainability’ or ‘Sustainable Development’. We’re here to help you on your ‘Ethical’ and ‘Sustainable’ business journey by introducing some ‘Smart’ solutions as we harness the expertise of leading thinkers and doers. Our offer is to leverage the ‘Best in Class’ sustainability experts and service providers to deliver exceptional sustainable business solutions for the 21st century. We’ll be partnering with a range of specially chosen organisations along the way to do this whilst also providing a whole host of exceptional green media opportunities. We’re in this together!

Bonnie NixonWelcome on-board to our distinguished global Associate – Bonnie Nixon, Los Angeles USA

We’re delighted to welcome Bonnie Nixon as the second Ethical Team Associate based out of the USA. Bonnie represents the true spirit of Ethical Team. A global citizen, with a wealth of sustainability experience from a cross sector of organisations. Known for her ability to inspire and serve as a catalyst for transformation in social and environmental responsibility with an emphasis in complex global supply chains, consumer packaged goods and product lifecycle analysis and protection of human rights.  Bonnie is values based, results oriented and maintains a strong commitment to transparency.

Bonnie possesses more than 20 years designing and operationalizing world-class human rights, ethics, health, safety and environmental programs for the public and private sector including leading a large global not-for-profit, 14 years with the Corporate Sector at Hewlett Packard and Mattel and running a successful consultancy focused on large scale infra-structure environmental justice, planning and communications programs.

Most recently Bonnie served as Director of Corporate Social Responsibility and Global Sustainability for Mattel, Inc, the toy company.  She managed external stakeholder engagement, fostered a new set of Ethical Global Manufacturing Principles focused on improving factory human rights, safety and environmental operations.  And assisted in removing harmful chemicals and controversial forestry practices in Mattel’s packaging, paper and wood products. Her legacy was to leave them with a long term Strategic Plan for 2020 Industry Leadership.

Bonnie was also a Senior Advisor and Lead Researcher for the Sustainability Roundtable Inc. being a pioneering leader in energy efficiency and compliance risk management for sustainable infrastructure and real estate solutions such as smart buildings.  She operated as lead facilitator for the Enterprise-wide Leadership Council focusing on Sustainable Procurement, Green Supply Chains, Employee Education, Strategy, Ethics and Corporate Governance.

Bonnie acted as Executive Director for The Sustainability Consortium, a powerful collaborative effort to promote green products using leading worldwide science based lifecycle assessments. The Sustainability Consortium is made up of 100 of the largest global corporations, leading universities and non-governmental organizations such as World Wildlife Fund and CARE.  She was instrumental in globalizing the organization, opening the European Headquarters, bringing NGOs and worldwide regulators and academics into the process, reshaping the deliverables to satisfy the major corporations and restructuring the organization and budget.

As Director of Sustainability at HP she established HP as world-class market leader in sustainability.  Under Bonnie’s leadership In 2009 and 2010, Hewlett Packard was named #1 and #2 in Newsweek, Climate Counts and multiple reputable worldwide rating systems and indices. There her major focus was  on strategy, supply chain, energy efficiency, climate change, recycling and employee engagement.  Bonnie also served as HP’s Director of Ethical Sourcing, managed a multi-year leadership role in several industry consortium including Electronic Industry Citizen Coalition, Global E-Sustainability Initiative, Business Leaders in Human Rights, Global Social Compliance Program, BSR’s Monitoring Standards Program, Central European Sustainability Initiative and Supply Chain Initiatives in China, SE Asia, India & S. America.  Bonnie has particular expertise in human trafficking and forced labour in complex supply chains.

Ethical Team looks forward to working with more global Associates in the coming year as part of our core team.

For further details about collaborating with Ethical Team please send an email in the first instance to

Troy WisemanArticle in Sublime – Bamboo Prophet

February 5th 2015

Troy Wiseman’s heart for people has been a critical factor in his outstanding success as an entrepreneur, businessman, investor and leader. Changing lives in communities devoid of hope has become more than just a passion. It is a personal mission that has been written into everything Troy does and indeed has been the backbone of each of his line of successful companies.

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The Independent LogoArticle in The Independent Online – Nature Studies: Is this the year the world finally agrees on a plan to halve climate change?

February 2nd 2015

If you’re under 60 you’ve probably never heard of Le Bourget.

Years ago, it was the main Paris airport, then it was replaced by Orly, which in turn was replaced by Charles de Gaulle. Now it’s an airfield in northern Paris mainly used by business jets. But you’ll be hearing plenty about it at the end of this year, because the Le Bourget conference centre, the Paris-Le Bourget Parc des Expositions, is the scheduled site for the meeting to save the planet.

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Prince CharlesArticle in BreitBart – Charles insists on being ‘Green Activist King’, Queen worried

February 2nd 2015

HM The Queen is said to be “worried” about Prince Charles’s insistence on being an “activist monarch” when he succeeds her.

The Prince intends to campaign on green issues once he gets the keys to Buckingham Palace, and has a strong track record of attacking anyone who opposes his views on Climate Change.

During the Queen’s reign she has stayed firmly non-political and has never publicly intervened in the running of the country. Even during the Scottish referendum she remained silent, aside from one supposedly indiscreet comment suggesting she opposed independence. This was despite her being the Queen of the United Kingdom, with an obvious vested interest in it remaining together.

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