Landing Earned Editorial in Top Tier Media – UK & International

6 October 2020

We’ve been busy putting the Rainforest Alliance in the headlines since early 2018. That’s because we’re passionate about raising awareness of indigenous land rights, human rights, continuing deforestation, biodiversity collapse, habitat loss, species decline, and the plight of environmental activists being murdered globally. So we want to use our expertise and professional skills to ensure these types of stories get into top-tier media outlets for our clients.

Ecological stewardship and nature are finally being escalated up the business agenda as the state of our health, and the global economy is now recognised as being inextricably linked to the biological collapse of our complex ecosystems and the exploitation of endangered wildlife.

We’ve elevated the Rainforest Alliance’s stories into the news around Natural Climate Solutions, sustainable land use and their sustainable agricultural standard. From Marie Claire, the Times, Bloomberg Green, BBC, Metro etc, its been a very busy year so far in 2020 amplifying their news.

Contact hello with your brief, budget and timings and we’ll see if we can help.