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PR Specialists, Story Tellers, Marketers, Journalists, Filmmakers.

With COVID-19 we’re living in a new paradigm as more companies understand the benefits of purpose-driven business which can deliver benefits for society as a whole, and not just for shareholders. The creative skills and advocacy of communicators have traditionally been instrumental in launching and growing new products and ideas – helping to deliver a higher standard of living for millions.

But as an industry we haven’t been half as clever in dealing with the bad stuff. Over consumption of resources, pollution and massive social inequality which sit alongside the growth we’ve helped create which have led to movements such as Black Lives Matter (BLM).

This was the basis for a small group of like-minded independent professionals to get together to create a new kind of team. An ETHICAL one to work across borders and strive for a fairer, safer and ‘greener’ world.



We called it the Ethical Team because we believe businesses and organisations need to embrace ethics before solely profit and understand that the natural capital we’re exploiting will simply run out one day. Today’s business leaders have a responsibility to future generations now more so than ever.  For us, ethics means embracing and embedding values to ensure we preserve our environment, stop climate change, safeguard habitats and prevent further species decline. It’s about ensuring a common-sense business approach that’s based on long-term stewardship of the earth’s resources instead of short-termism.

We believe that the same creative brilliance, innovation, and advocacy that helped lead us into the mire can pull us out of it.

Above all, we’re also realists. For our clients and ourselves, there’s not just money in common sense. But humanity’s wellbeing.  And something infinitely more valuable.

A future for us all.



Working with the Ethical Team has been a very positive experience. Based on our briefing they made plans and produced materials for effective outreach. Iain Patton’s networks are impressive, and he truly knows how to work them. He always delivered as promised, and more. On top of the agreed deliverables, he often had additional ideas for improvements and other creative approaches to advance our projects and initiatives. I can definitely recommend working with Iain.
Christian Teriete, Communications Director, Global Call for Climate Action.

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