Building Sustainable Brands

We want to do the right thing but the ‘end of the month comes before the end of the world’ and we’ve got a lot on our plate as it is.

But some products, services, business ideas, institutions and individuals are trying to lighten the load. They are innovating and delivering smarter alternatives for a lighter mode of living and being and these are the organisations we want to help to get their story told.

These are the front runners who will supply an increasing desire for the kinds of choices that are lighter on our wallet, our sense of wellbeing, our communities, our environment and our planet.



They are the antidotes – ‘pills and potions’ with which we can treat the modern malaise. They are the ways in which we can improve wellbeing and live a healthier and more sustainable existence.

Ethical Team’s ‘Smart Pills’ provide easily digestible communications solutions for businesses and organisations. We can alleviate the stress of sourcing current insights and leading thinking on every aspect of sustainable business thinking and doing. We do this by aggregating ‘best in class’intelligence, communications expertise, resource and planning around key sustainability and social challenges facing brands and businesses today.

We can also help provide access to a ‘Sounding Board’ of global experts as well as our ‘Associates’ that can provide you with exactly the right mix of skill sets  to solve your communications challenges.