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Beverley Walkden (CIPR) has been a communications and public affairs expert across the London civil service for 6 years, including Government departments, local authorities, charities, the NHS and universities.  

She is passionate about leading teams that deliver incredible growth goals and is known for her ability to galvanise disparate stakeholders around a shared vision with unwavering tenacity, tact and diplomacy. 

Solutions orientated, entrepreneurial, visionary and blessed with the skill to make complicated look simple, Beverley is the perfect blend of strategist, leader and storyteller, owing to her 10 years prior experience as a high-profile newspaper and television journalist with the Guardian Media Group. 

Beverley also has a strong track record in content creation, media relations and public affairs, engaging Tier 1 journalists for clients and opening the doors to extraordinary opportunities to amplify a campaign, cause, concern or corporate.  

Beverley has worked alongside the Government, members of the House of Lords, MPs, civic leaders, celebrities and campaigners and has an incredible network of willing advocates to help society become a better place for all.  

She was also Head of Communications for a large unitary authority which she helped catapult to ‘Best Council’ status in 2015 (LGA) following an aggressive daily schedule to amplify transformation goals. She is currently the dynamo PR behind a London social enterprise headed-up by one of the UKs Top 100 entrepreneurs to deliver a vision to embed inclusivity and diversity training to all primary school pupils, teachers and parents across the UK. 

During the Covid ‘lockdown’ she developed and delivered a ground-breaking covert campaign in partnership with high street supermarkets to carry emergency advice for domestic abuse survivors on the back of purchase receipts, all the while sharing the tactics and impact with Covid Gold Command on behalf of a leading London Authority.  

Key issues: societal campaigns; behaviour change, Inclusivity, diversity, equality, education, health, NHS, social enterprise, governance, public consultation, affordable energy, housing, planning.  

Key expertise: public affairs, media relations and outreach, media training, marketing, events, social media, video creation, campaign design and delivery, strategic communications planning, stakeholder communication and management, crisis communications, leader profile raising, internal communications. A strong track record in digital and TV journalism covering crime, politics and human-interest stories. 

Beverley believes that stories captivate human society; find the story and you have them for one minute, one hour, one day. It doesn’t matter. They heard you and now they’ll talk about you.   

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On 24 February 2022

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