The Trillion Dollar Shift – CASE STUDY

17 April 2018


The client:

Sustainable business visionary Marga Hoek book launch of the Trillion Dollar Shift at Davos. “I firmly believe both business and capital can and should play a significant role in solving our global challenges,” says Ms. Hoek.

The brief:

Ethical Team provided PR, Communications & Media Consultancy for the launch of  The Trillion Dollar Shift at Davos, Switzerland amongst the media, influencers and amplifiers as well as support the launch at the Dutch Embassy in London.

The output:

The Trillion Dollar Shift has been met with sweeping praise from businesses leaders, widely considered to be pioneers in sustainability.

Unilever CEO Paul Polman says: “We can be sure this inspiring book will reach interested readers across the globe.”

Feike Sijbesma, CEO and Chairman DSM, says: “This book offers business leaders many insights, ideas and practical cases on how business can contribute to a sustainable world.”

Gérard Mestrallet, ENGIE Chairman says Ms. Hoek “provides us with such a thorough yet inspirational book about the synergy between business, capital and the SDGs.”

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To encourage business to support the shift to ‘business for good’ at the scale needed to achieve the SDGs, The Trillion Dollar Shift is published by Routledge as an open-access e-book in addition to the printed version.