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Ethical Team can elevate your message globally with our extensive media contacts, concise journalism and specialised  knowledge of the sustainability and ethical landscape.

ProductDescriptionBusiness Solution
Ethical Purpose Brand Check and Policy PositioningDefining your business’s brand purpose and current market positioning. Articulating the brand alignment of purpose with your business strategy and core values.Businesses can only trade in the 21st Century with a purpose-driven top-down and ground-up positioning that embeds sustainability and ethics at the heart of its operations.
Ethical Brand Sustainability AuditUnderstanding how your business is implementing sustainability initiatives and communicating them, plus identifying gaps and opportunities to improveIs your business doing enough to address its trading responsibilities as legislation starts to bite and CEOs become targets for litigation?
Ethical Governance AuditEvaluation of your business’s current governance structure, identifying gaps and providing strategic counsel.Good corporate governance leads to ethical business practices and financial viability. In turn, that can attract investors.
Strategic Counsel – the Ethical Sounding BoardOften people at the board level and above need up-to-the-minute knowledge, facts and insights to make decisions on net-zero energy, waste, water, carbon or ethics. As busy professionals, keeping up to date with key trends and market insights on the issues that matter to make businesses & organisations compliant, effective and efficient is challenging.The Ethical Team can help Senior Level Management, Board Level Executives and CEOs grasp the key issues surrounding the Ethical, Climate Change, Environmental and Sustainability agendas.
Earned Media Sustainable Business News DistributionGlobal news distribution of your report launches, news announcements and press releases to top-tier media. Ethical Team can elevate your message globally with our extensive media contacts, concise journalism and specialised knowledge of the sustainability and ethical landscape.Often in-house teams need help to keep up to date with the fast-changing media landscape or don’t have time to establish and maintain media relationships. Ethical Team plugs this gap as specialists in sustainable business, responsible business, new zero, supply chains, ESG, environment, climate, and human rights and global health.
Sustainable Business – Editorial Outreach and interview placementsPlanning of relevant content to align with the trending global news discourse. Generation of editorial leads and interview/comment opportunities from international news media outlets covering sustainability, purpose-driven and responsible business. Including placement on Podcasts.The global trajectory of humanity means mitigation, adaptation, and
resilience will dominate the brand narrative. Issue-based and
cause-related storytelling has never been so relevant to your audiences. Every business must refine its key messages to create
global conversations
for action.
Comment Editorial CampaignsEthical Team are subject matter experts who clearly understand what editors will publish. We produce and place carefully researched and crafted thought leadership opinion editorials and campaign planning to position your CEO or executive leadership team bylines in top-tier media.We work with game-changer companies and organisations to communicate their authentic brand stories whilst championing social equity and environmental balance. Every company must think creatively about generating earned media in today’s competitive paid media landscape.
Sustainability Crisis Comms Preparation and Reputational risk managementDevelopment of a risk register, reviewing a crisis protocol for good practice or creating one from scratch if required, preparing holding statements, and ensuring digital channels are set up to be used effectively.Training – crisis simulation training, media handling skills. Crisis response – working as part of the crisis response team as comms lead or support to the internal comms lead. Monitoring – effective monitoring to assess crisis trajectory and identify emerging opportunities/threats
Speaker Placement, Media Training and PreparationEarned media speaking opps with top tier events publishers and publishers including the FT, Reuters and EconomistEarned media can take many shapes, but being seen on panels and delivering keynote speeches should be integral to every CEO’s remit.
CEO and Executive Team Social Media ManagementEditorial Planning, social counsel and strategy for Twitter and LinkedIn, plus analytics reporting
Enlightened and purposeful thought leadership carefully managing CEO’s public discourse.
CopywritingFrom press releases to holding statements and comment editorials. Ethical Team can craft copy that is both purpose-driven and fit for purpose.Working with subject matter experts ensures you stand out from the crowd. We understand the shifts, trends, insights and status quo of sustainable business in a global context so our copy and placements resonate with the media.
Content MarketingDevelopment of content marketing plans to align with the global news agenda, trending news issues and internationally recognised UN days.Brand positioning with
innovative editorial content
plans will help any business stand out. And leverage the power of the media. To complement paid campaigns.
Creative CommunicationsWe can offer a full-service integrated creative offer from brand identity to outdoor adverting campaigns.We’ll ensure our work mobilises public opinion and creates ‘conversations for action’. With hard-hitting creative, design and advertising campaigns, we can bring your cause-related and purpose-driven brand stories alive.
Stakeholder Engagement and internal communicationsAdvocacy and mobilisation of stakeholders, including stakeholder mapping and message developmentStakeholder engagement helps organisations proactively consider the needs and desires of anyone with a stake. This can foster connections, trust, confidence, and buy-in for your organisation’s key initiatives.
Event ManagementEthical Team can produce tailor-made events, including press launches, workshops, media training, research group or bespoke sustainability focussed publicity stunts.Sustainability is a moral duty and a strategic advantage for event organisers. By adopting sustainable practices, you can reduce costs, enhance your reputation, attract more attendees and sponsors, and comply with your industry’s legal and ethical standards.

Dominic Burch, Head of Corporate PR, Asda Walmart.

Ethical Team creates compelling communications and helped create some impactful communications campaigns for ASDA Walmart

Leesa Muirhead, Founder & Executive Director at Adessy Associates & Pioneers for Change.

Ethical Team helped develop key media partnerships. They bring a wealth of insight, expertise as well as creativity and common sense to projects. I recommend them as a highly effective consultancy.

Alister Scott – Leadership consultant.

Iain is an experienced, capable and extraordinarily well connected professional with a stunning track record of making big things happen. He brings creativity, commitment and persistence, and is also a generous, warm human being. Few people have his network and reach in corporate sustainability; if you get a chance to have him on your team, take it!.

We’ll help identify your PR strengths and offer strategic counsel and advice to communicate your authentic brand story. There’s lots of ways to approach this mission depending on your budget and timescales.

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