Hello Hyde Park

7 February 2020

Ethical Team were brought in as sustainability-focused PR & Media communications consultants to provide strategic ideas to Live Nation in support of their bid for the Hyde Park Music Festival. Their aim was to unify individual concerts under one central identity to enable them to generate far greater levels of participation (especially in the critical midweek period), create deeper awareness and engagement around  The Royal Parks brands, and foster far greater brand loyalty. The Festival will be the UK’s biggest, attracting over 500,000 people across 10 days each year. 

• Create a bold, brave and innovative media and communications plan/campaign that not only meets the key objectives of raising awareness of the festival brand, driving weekend sales and mid-week visits but ensuring the core sustainable values of the event are upheld by investing exclusively in channels that have the lowest impact on the environment

• Through an innovation sustainable advertising campaign, generate incremental press coverage and word of mouth beyond the line-up headlines – driven not by the headliners but by sustainable media choices themselves.