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Pole to Pole

Pole to Pole was one of the first videos commissioned by Iain Patton and produced by Ade Thomas at Green.TV. It was commissioned to be shown at the first International Green Awards in 2006 held at the iconic and historic Guildhall, London. The concept was to illustrate a journey from one Pole to another circumnavigating the globe and thus illustrating all the environmental issues that have arisen from flooding through to drought. Interestingly this video is a timeless representation of the planet which could reflect any of the subsequent  years since 2006. Since all the political rhetoric and policy has passed since 2006 have we really plugged the value action gap as a species and are we any closer to a balanced eco-system. It seems not based on what the IPCCC is telling us now.

International Green Awards

The United Nations Environment Programme based in Nairobi Kenya were one of first institutional partners of the International Green Awards. Eric Falt, then Head of Communications personally endorsed and supported Iain Patton and his vision. Nick Nuttell was the UNEP Spokesperson who attended all of the events as a speaker and in addition participated in the judging process as Chair and as one of the judging panel. This video was one of a suite of business focussed interviews with senior industry representatives from business, NGOs and the government to answer a series of questions about how business could become more sustainable.

Sustainability Summit Dubai

The International Green Awards launched it’s first sustainability summit in the Middle East to engage the region. The UAE has become a hotbed of sustainability initiatives with the advent of low carbon city Masdar. Whilst there, Iain Patton was interviewed by City 7 news Dubai to talk about why sustainability was so important to the business community.

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