3 February 2015

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Brand Catalysts, Think Tank, Disruptors, Truth-Tellers

We’re living in a new paradigm although for many, they still have a foot in the old way of thinking. Increased knowledge about climate change and the environmental damage of businesses’ operations on our world has garnered a meteoritic growth in social movements through the power of the internet and accompanying digital revolution. These new movements and the increasing whistle-blowing phenomenon are mobilising citizens internationally to take direct action to protect our resources and to ensure we actually have a future worth living for.

Alongside the boom and bust financial bubbles that impact our lives, corporate greed and corruption are now being rooted out at all levels as change-makers embrace a world of transparency and strive for social equity with our new found tools. The media has little good to say about the private sector and occupy movements have drawn a vivid picture of corrupt power bases and wealth concentrated in the hands of a few. It’s the repeated story of generation after generation but only now are we starting to see a real shift in awareness and less tolerance of the old order.

The creative skills and advocacy of communications people have traditionally been instrumental in launching and growing new products and ideas – helping to deliver a higher standard of living for millions.

But as an industry we haven’t been half as clever in dealing with the bad stuff. Over consumption of resources, pollution and massive social inequality sit alongside the growth we’ve helped create.

Which is why a small group of like-minded professionals got together to create a new kind of team. An ETHICAL one to work across borders and trans-nationally to strive for a fairer and greener world.

Ethical Team Earth First BannerWe called it the Ethical Team because we believe businesses and organisations need to embrace humanity before profit and understand that the natural capital we’re exploiting will simply run-out on day. Today’s decision makers have a responsibility to future generations now more so than ever.  For us ethics embraces sustainability, the environment, climate change and green issues. It’s about a common sense approach to life and acting on what is fundamentally right or wrong.

We believe that the same creative brilliance, innovation and advocacy that helped lead us into the mire can pull us out of it.

Our skills can solve social and environmental problems as well as sell products –   sustainable ones. And where the old rules don’t work we simply invent our own to help organisations navigate through the ethical and environmental opportunities to do business that makes common sense.

We’re educators, we’re creatives, we’re thinkers and we’re doers.

We’re passionate about it. It’s what gets us out of bed in the morning and allows us to sleep well at night.

Above all, we’re also realists. As entrepreneurs we understand the profit motive better than most. For our clients and ourselves, there’s not just money in common sense. But humanity’s wellbeing.  And something infinitely more valuable.

A future for us all.

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