February 6th, 2015

Ethical Team

Catalysts, Disruptors

Sustainability is no longer an option for modern businesses. It is an absolute requirement for any business with a hope of long term survival. A Sustainability Policy is no longer fit for purpose. Your entire business will need to be built on sustainable principles. We engage with organizations to adopt sustainable and ethical practices by providing innovative business solutions to drive positive social change. The imperative for business to ACT NOW

The world needs to better prepare for dangerous climate change impacts and become more resilient. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change revealed in 2014 that the impacts of climate change are already “widespread and consequential.” Yet the effects we may see in the future still largely depend on the actions countries take to reduce their emissions today. Providing businesses with information on how best to understand these issues is key to prevent a catastrophic 2C rise in temperature.

So how does a sustainability-minded organization tap into the right experts and information to understand and anticipate the complex and constantly changing agendas in science, regulation, NGO campaigning and public opinion? In order to form a leading position that is strategic, relevant, credible and future proofed. People holding key positions in sustainability in organisations seldom have the depth or breadth of expertise to form a rigorous point of view on future challenges. And the leadership team, as a whole, are often acting on superficial, dated and hazy assumptions. That’s where the Ethical Team comes in. We are able to connect business with world-class experts in sustainability. And then, to reflect on the implications for your own strategy and operations. We work with a broad Sounding Board™ of independent experts and our inner circle of top-tier practitioners in strategy, reporting, communications and innovation.

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