Our Partners

Ethical Team is currently partnered with or supporting a range of organisations including:

The Sustainable Methods Institute.

Iain Patton – Advisor  The Sustainable Methods institute is an international, environmental, health, economic and societal think tank, institution of higher education, and research network which aims to build a education, research and outreach institute that encompasses all fields of sustainable research. This institute will to a large degree remain virtual, that is, online to keep efficiency up and costs down. SMI will provide all the resources that a research institute provides. It works towards a unified goal of sustainability by considering all aspects of sustainability holistically for all the projects under our guidance.

 Sustainable Methods Institute

Positive Impacts

Iain Patton is proud to be an Ambassador for Positive Impacts which is a not-for-profit initiative that aims to make the events industry more sustainable. Ambassadors are passionate about sustainability and want to champion an event industry that considers its environmental, social and economic impacts. See here for further details. The Sustainable Events Summit exists to support a community which inspires the continuous development of a global sustainable event industry.

To understand how to make a Sustainable Events Industry watch this short clip

What have you seen that inspires you and makes you believe a sustainable event industry is possible? Share your comment here.

Share a Positive Impact

Camden Climate Change Alliance (CCCA)

Ethical Team is a member of the Camden Climate Change Alliance (CCCA). The Camden Climate Change Alliance was formed by Camden Council in 2008 to help organisations in Camden that are committed to reducing their carbon emissions and reducing associated energy bills. The Alliance now has over 280 members who represent around 30% of Camden’s non-domestic emissions.

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