Ethical Policy

Ethical Policy


We wouldn’t be an ethical consultancy if we didn’t live and breathe what we preached.

Our Environmental Policy outlines our stance on managing our interactions with the environment.

Environmental Policy

We are committed to monitoring and continually reducing the direct impact our operations have on the environment. We conduct our business in a responsible, sustainable way and encourage wherever practical our suppliers and clients to do the same. Our environmental policy considers the following:


  • Implement the Reduce, Re-use, Recycle approach in managing waste.
  • Aim to reduce total waste year upon year.


  • Energy consumption is minimised through a number of strategies including a strict switch off policy for all electrical equipment, and the use of energy efficient light fittings and appliances.


  • Business travel is kept to a minimum, using public transport where practicable.


  • Fair Trade and environmentally friendly products are favoured.
  • Energy efficiency is a key factor considered in the purchase of electrical equipment.
  • All our paper is either recycled or FSC certified.

We will:

  • Comply with relevant environmental legislation and regulations and where appropriate we will challenge ourselves by subscribing to non-compulsory standards and policies
  • Use suppliers that comply with relevant environmental legislation and regulations, and, where practicable, have demonstrated a commitment to good environmental practices including our bank
  • Review this policy on at least an annual basis.

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