Award-winning Producer, Creative Director and Founder of Ace & Ace, Eskil Hardt has produced and directed more than 200 films and documentaries over the last 20 years. His films focus on compelling storytelling and a visual style, resulting in a recipe, which makes the subject matter exciting. He has produced a variety of short and long format films on climate change, environmental issues, sustainability, green growth, green-tech innovation and the client experience includes UNEP, European Environment Agency, Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Discovery Channel, Danish National TV and lots more. Eskil’s main work experience has been within his own company; Ace & Ace, founded 22 years ago and where he is part owner.

Ace & Ace is a Danish film production company specialized in authentic and visual storytelling with the aim of engaging key target groups. Their mission is to produce fresh, authentic and engaging stories. Today, it is essential to rethink how you communicate, as online and social media communication tools have profoundly changed our lives and how we interact with one another and the world around us. People “pick and choose” based on what they care about for themselves, their desires and their needs. As a result, getting messages out in the most efficient manner is about creating interesting information that your target groups are passionate about so that they actually pay attention to your messages. One of the best ways of achieving that is through compelling storytelling.

Ace&Ace is originally from a TV-producing background, and as a result they have always had focus on producing visual and compelling storytelling – as ultimately it is about how you can best reach your target groups (plus more) and keep them interested (tuned in).

Visual storytelling is about taking control of the stories told and distributing valuable, relevant and authentic content to attract and retain a defined audience – and ultimately, to drive interest and action.

Key issues: sustainability, green growth, environmental issues, green-tech and innovation, climate change, biodiversity, ecology, social impact, business and NGOs, collaboration and partnerships.

Key expertise: film development, creative director, producer related work, organizational skills, teamwork and collaboration, media strategy, making ideas happen, deadline deliveries.

Eskil believes; “That a good story, told well, can truly make a difference in how one sees the world. Whether it is a feature film, documentary or Online videos, it is important to tell compelling, entertaining stories that create awareness of the real issues, which shape our lives.”