January 28th, 2015

Ethical Team Advocacy

Ethical Team helps organisations amplify  their authentic stories through creative communications and stakeholder engagement.

Iain Patton specialises in advocacy, capacity building, outreach and media relations to amplify your message to areas that no conventional consultancy can access. To these ends we employ stakeholder engagement, media strategy, public relations and desk research.

  • Through strategic counsel we act as a catalyst for sustainable innovation by developing strategic partnerships for our clients that help us move towards an inclusive, progressive society.
  • We help companies and organisations communicate their authentic brand story whilst championing social equity and environmental balance.

We bring a global perspective to our conversations with your stakeholders.

  • By bringing expertise in environmental, ethical and social affairs to bear on creative communications strategies and advocacy, we help clients mobilise staff, partners, customers and other stakeholders into action.
  • We approach external and internal communications as ‘conversations for action’ – employing both campaigning best practice and creative approaches to engaging target audiences.
  • We go beyond the obvious, challenging accepted norms in developing ways to deliver your messages.

For both businesses and consumers, we provide an in-depth understanding of the ‘Sustainability’ sector, both its current situation and future trends alongside our associates. We’ll help you navigate the increasingly complex and dynamic ethical landscape until you arrive at a sustainability context specific positioning that’s right for you.

For details of how we can help you contact: hello @ethicalteam.com

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