Founder and Director of Ethical Team. Social entrepreneur, Climate Crusader, Sustainability Communications Consultant and Co-Founder of the coveted International Green Awards™, Iain’s career in integrated marketing communication campaigns has spanned over 20 years from business-to-business, consumer through to institutional organisations and charities.

During this time he has gained extensive experience of capacity building, developing partnerships, stakeholder engagement, advocacy, media relations, strategy, social media, event management, marketing, sponsorship, public relations and ethical brand repositioning. Iain has been accredited by Chartered Institute of PR, Chartered Institute of Marketing and the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment.

Iain developed the concept of the Green Awards to become an internationally recognised and acclaimed event on the international business calendar from 2006-2012.

Key issues: Business and sustainability. Waste and consumption. Collaboration & partnership building. Technology. Religion. Private sector: Technology and innovation. Advocacy. Business development and positioning; -Third sector: Animal welfare and biodiversity.

Key expertise: Stakeholder engagement, implementation and delivery of projects, developing teams, planning, brand development, partnership marketing, brand advocacy and sponsorship. Media engagement. Public relations strategy. Collaborative communications. Extensive experience brokering worldwide partnerships with international bodies, third sector and private sector organisations, and NGOs.

Iain believes the debate going forward has to be centred around consumption, waste and the unbridled ego that is allowing us to consume our world into oblivion.